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    Mariano  Saulino is a  film composer and founder of  SaulinoMusic 

company since  1994.  

Mariano is a Hollywood Music in Media Awards multi awarded composer

as well as a Warner/Chappell Music signed Artist.

He has composed scores for several  films; television series;

commercial spots; channel´s branding music and documentaries

for such companies as:

NETFLIX, LIONSGATE,  Nbc Universal,  FOX ,

FOX Sports, Discovery Channel, NAT GEO, History Channel, Playboy TV, Movie City, Canal 13 Artear, Canal 9 Albavisión, TV Azteca, The Film Zone and Endemol Shine, among many others.


movie REELS


"The Talk" (Drama Short)

real filharmonia de Galicia
plays Estocolmo suite

"Estocolmo Identidad perdida"

(thriller tv SERIES ON NETFLIX )

HORROR feature film (LIONSGATE)

"Movie City Original Movie"


"The Sons and Widows of  Rock n´ Roll" 

(Comedy TV Series)


(Horror feature film)

"la dueña"(the chair woman)

(Drama TV Series)

"TV Music Branding Reel"

(FOX, Universal, Nat Geo,  among other awarded spots)​​


(Drama TV Series)




2018 Hollywood Music in Media Awards,

Honorable Mention for The Very Loving Caterpillar Score (animated short film)

2018 Los Angeles Film Awards

The Very Loving Caterpillar Score (animated short film) Special Mention: Original Score.

2018 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

The Very Loving Caterpillar Score (animated short film)

2018 LA Shorts Awards

The Very Loving Caterpillar Score (animated short film)

2017 Hollywood Music in Media Awards,

Honorable Mention for "Believe", Main Theme

for The PROMAX/BDA AWARDS 2017 event opening at Los Angeles.

2016 Los Angeles Film awards

"Estocolmo Indentidad Perdida"(Tv Series on NETFLIX)

 Special Mention: Original Score.

2016 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

for "The Talk" Best Score (Drama Short)

2016 Los Angeles Cine Fest

for "The Talk" Best Score (Drama Short).

2016 Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival,

for "The Talk" Best Score (Drama Short).

2016 Hollywood Music in Media Awards,

for "The Talk" Best Score (Drama Short).

2016 Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival,

for "The Talk" Best Music Score (Drama Short).

2016 Chandler International Film festival,

for "The Talk" Best Original Music/ Soundtrack (Drama Short).

2015 Hollywood Music In Media Awards,

for "Breaking News" Best Score for a Special Feature.(Television Show)

2008 FINA Australia Film Festival Awards,

for "Daedalus And Icarus" Rising Star Soundtrack Composer.

(Animated Short)

2006 PROMAX/BDA Bronze Award,

for FOX "Do Not Disturb!, Star Wars Promo" Funiest Promo,

Soundtrack Composer.(Television Promo)

2006 PROMAX/BDA Gold Award, for NAT GEO "Martial Arts Teaser" Best Promo, Soundtrack Composer.(Television Promo)

2005 PROMAX/BDA Silver Award, for FOX Life "Umbrella ID"

Best ID, Soundtrack Composer.(Television Promo)

Photo: Dante Saulino

On The red carpet

at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2015

At the Los Angeles Film Awards, Hollywood 2016.

Photo: Bob Delgadillo

With my wife,  Photographer/ Producer Silvina Slatopolsky 

At the 2017 Hollywood Music in Media

Awards, Los Angeles.



Mariano receives the Hollywood Music in media Awards

 Honorable Mention for the Main theme for PROMAX/BDA at the ceremony celebrated at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood.

Mariano Saulino and Saulino Music studio´s producer Silvina Slatopolsky on the red carpet at the HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARDS 2017.

Mariano received a Honorable Mention for the opening theme he composed for The PROMAX/BDA AWARDS event in Los Angeles.

Next Tuesday 20th at the Auditorio de Galicia, the Real Filharmonía de Galicia directed by Geoffrey Styles will include in their program the original score for Estocolmo, Identidad Perdida (TV series created by Nacho Viale Tinayre and Diego Palacio for NETFLIX) as well as the series's main title theme by Dante Saulino. This will be a one night special performance at the opening of Conecta Fiction 2017 international event.

Geoffrey Styles, director

01. Riveiro: El final del Camino. Moure: Seis Hermanas
02. Jusid: Isabel
03. Benito: El tiempo entre costuras
04. Benito: Allí abajo
05. Bataller: Sé quién eres
06. Font: Vidago Palace
07. Saulino: Estocolmo
08. Djawadi: Games Of Thrones


        Movement 1 Composer                      Dante Saulino 

        Movements 2, 3, 4, 5 Composer        Mariano Saulino

        Arranged and  Orchestrated by      Mariano Saulino

        Orchestrator Assistant/ Copist         Mariano Frumento

                                      Performed by                       

                 "Real Filharmonia De Galicia" orchestra.

                             Directed by Geoffrey Styles.

Extract from the opening concert CONECTA FICTION 2017 event at the AUDITORIO DE GALICIA theatre, Santiago de Compostela,  Spain, June 2017.


           Video content is Courtesy of CONECTA FICTION 

            and the REAL FILHARMONIA DE GALICIA.


                                  All Rights Reserved



Mariano receives the Hollywood Music in media Awards

 for Best Score for a short film at the ceremony celebrated at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.



I was born in March 25th 1967.

I began playing melodica in 1977 at the age of 10 years old.

During those early days of 1977 three events inspired me for ever about music:

  1. Attending to a small theatre play when I was in  primary school, where I´ve got a blast by the "off stage performance" of a musician who played the score live to the play, performing on acoustic guitar, harmonica, keyboards, percussion and Glockenspiel.


Then, I immediately dig of the music to drama relationship, and I felt driven to play multiple instruments.


2.Going to the cinema to watch a new Sci-Fi film and discovering my mind have been blown up by its score was one of those.

It was Star Wars, by John Williams.

 03. Having lunch at the beach along my dad, and hearing a tune: 

"Isn´t She Lovely" ("Songs In The Key of Life" by Stevie Wonder),

played on the cook´s stereo cassette player.

 At that moment I felt that my soul´s going to be guided by the music itself.

And the song went like this:

Photo: Silvina Slatopolsky



  A few yeras later, in 1982, at the age of 15 years old I finally got my first keyboard instrument, a little Yamaha PS3 portable organ.Studying on this small three octaves keyboard I was tough on Jazz by keyboard player/studio sessionist Juan del Barrio.

A few months later, I put together my first jazz  fusion band along my dear friend Gustavo Sadofschi,

featuring my debut as keyboard player on live gigs as well as a young composer.

During my college years I studied harmony with American Guitarist James Tobias, Argentine Folklore music tradition with Rubens "Donvi" Vitale and Piano with Juan Carlos "Mono" Fontana.

  After spending some time as a session player and composer for many local Jazz Fusion bands as well as performing in many Pop/Rock gigs, in 1986 at the age of 19, I was asked to write the score to a thesis short film for a long time friend.

Armed with just a KORG Poly-800 synthesizer, a few percussion instruments and a self made "map" of the short film, they rent few hours on a recording studio for me and I composed my first score ever, on the spot.


Right there, I embraced my love for composing for film,

and I began a self taugh journey on film scoring that still continues,

nowadays along with my beloved family.


Thanks for reading, thanks for watching,

and thanks for listening.


All my best,


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